Every Child a Theatre Goer

Newham’s Every Child a Theatre Goer Programme will provide opportunities for young people aged between 11 and 15 to experience high quality theatre productions.

They will enjoy a range of performances from renowned theatre companies including The Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican and Shakespeare’s Globe as well as contemporary performances at The National Theatre.

More than 5,000 10-11 year olds will see a live contemporary performance at their local theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Participation in these programmes is free to schools and young children by simply booking direct at the theatre’s box office.

The programme also offers extra-curricular materials including workshops on Shakespeare delivered directly in schools, learning materials related to the performances and INSET training for teachers. This means the programme provides teachers with the tools to add value and enrichment to the children’s theatre experience and to link to the national curriculum.

"Theatre-going is an entire experience and I think it is very important for children to experience it and appreciate it"

- Year 6 Newham Classroom Teacher

Akram Khan Company’s "Chotto Desh"

The performance of "Chotto Desh" Akram Khan Company's first ever piece for young audiences, with input from the local school children who came to see the final production.