Every Child a Sportsperson

Every Child and activeNewham are working in partnership with the London Borough of Newham to support our young people to take part in sport and become more physically active through Newham’s Every Child a Sports Person. 

As part of this programme, which is targeted specifically at Year 7, we provide every Secondary School in the borough with up to 4 extra curricular sports clubs that run throughout the year. The activities that are delivered in these clubs may not be available on the curriculum or as existing after school clubs. Activities such as BMX, Judo, Fencing, Handball, Girls Football and Zumba are available and the students are consulted as to which sports they would like to see at their school.   

Sessions are delivered by local sports clubs and community organisations from within Newham. Developing partnerships between schools and local clubs is a key part of the programme. We aim to do this for two reasons: firstly to provide a pathway into community sport for our young people; and secondly to support local clubs and community organisations to attract new members. Young people are also signposted to less formal sport and activity programmes such as the Neighbourhood Sports Programme. 

The Every Child a Sportsperson programme is delivered in 4 stages: 

1. An assembly is held where students are asked to select up to 6 sports or activities they would like to see at their School Sport Festival 

2. A School Sport Festival is delivered at the school with all Year 7 students taken off timetable to participate 

3. Up to 4 extracurricular clubs are set up and run weekly throughout the academic year 

4. Young people participating in the extracurricular clubs are signposted to clubs and groups in their local area – each Year 7 child is given a copy of the NECaSP booklet which provides a directory of clubs and organisations in Newham. 

Over the course of the 2016-17 academic year, 17 Newham secondary schools participated in the programme with 339 extracurricular sessions delivered. 

There was a total of 3,888 attendances at extracurricular clubs between September and July 2017. Each of the schools also hosted a one-off School Sport Festival where all Year 7 students were able to participate in a range of sports and activities for the day. 

More than 3,500 Year 7 pupils participated in sports sessions for free in 2017, making Newham an increasingly active borough for young people.

Newham Benefits From New Olympic Sports Centre

A brand new Olympic sports centre has been unveiled to Newham residents and will see 100's of children benefiting. The 21 million pound facility, at the University of East London, is where Team USA completed their training during the Olympics in 2012.